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Med/Low Power Dividers/Combiners

RF Power combiners and dividers - We provide 2way - 8way power combiners and power divider products up to 2.2 GHz with power up to 150 Watt. Our high power combiners and dividers cover both commercial and non-commercial applications. Our RF combiners and dividers offer very reliable and cost effective solution to the wireless, WiMax, and LTE and broadcast market applications. .

Most of our models are capable of operating as both combiners or dividers with the full power rating and are power/phase mismatch tolerant. The models marked operating only as power dividers will operate at full power as power dividers and can operate as power combiner with power rating of 2 Watts. We offer our products in both SMA(F) and N(F) RF connectors. Custom connectors and designs are also available.

N(F) Connectors